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Aqueduct II

Water Supply Project and Site Management
Querétaro, Mexico

The Aqueduct II project will supply water to the metropolis of Queretaro and the state semi desert through the acquisition of 50 million m³ of water per year. 

The design of the aqueduct has 110 miles and will travel from the northeast to the southeast for most of the territory of the State of Queretaro. The water will come from the sources of the Infiernillo dam, Rio Moctezuma and will be captured by a diversion dam. The aqueduct will rise to over a thousand feet high by two pumping plants, through a tunnel of 2.8 kilometers to lead to a safety board with a 400,000 m³ capacity, which will feed a water treatment plant where, using gravity along 77 km will reach the drinking water reservoir storage tanks with a capacity of 50,000 cubic meters expandable to 200,000 m³. Finally it will be connected to the potable water network of the city of Queretaro.